Academy Director: Samantha Crouch

Academy Ambassador: Antonio Scrofano
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Academy Teacher Team & Schedule:

Teacher's NameJacklyn Gion
Course(s) TaughtEnglish Honors 2
Period Taught
English 1

English 3

English 4

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects
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Curriculum In Action:

Curriculum In Action:

Standard 2: Career Focus

Universal and IOA Senior Trip for the Culinary Experience
Universal IOA Senior Trip.jpg

ProStart State Competition with Juniors and Seniors
ProStart Competition.jpg

Chef Mark from the Good Food Truck
Good Food Truck.jpg

Chef Lee with the Southern State of Mind Food Truck
Southern State of Mind.jpg
Southern Comfort Food Truck.jpg

Johnson and Wales workshop in Tampa
JWU Tampa.jpg

U.S. Food Show
US Foods show.jpg
tandard 3: Program of Study

Standard 4: Advisory Committee
In process of confirming and adding members
Standard 5: Enrollment
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Standard 6: Pure Schedule
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Standard 7: Common Planning / Collaboration

Standard 8: Staff Development

Standard 9: Articulation

High School Showcase
HighSchool Showcase.jpg

Hinson Middle School Visit and Presentation
Hinson visit.jpg
Standard 10: Workbased Learning

Standard 11: Capstone Project
Food Truck Wars (Freshman Capstone Project)

Standard 12: Marketing

Official Academy Logo


Academy Director and Student Name Tags



Senior Sweatshirts


Academy Tablecloth and Classroom Chef Coats

Tablecloth and and coats.jpg

Business Cards

Academy Business Card.jpg
Academy Business card back.jpg
Personal Business card.jpg
  • The academy has its own banner and table cloth with the academy's name that is taken to different competitions and used for different events throughout the school year..
  • The High School Showcase was the launch pad for Seabreeze High School's Culinary Design marketing.
  • Teacher box lunches is not only a marketing opportunity, but it gives teachers and staff the first hand experience of the culinary delights served up by CA. There is nothing like word of mouth as a form of advertisement.
  • The culinary chef outfits are an additional way to market the academy
  • The students have two sets of shirts to wear for special events, one is a t-shirt and the other is a red polo.
  • Another form of advertisement is the yearbook photo for clubs.
  • Family Registration Night
  • Home football tailgate parties
  • Blue Festival Catering at the Jackie Robinson Ballpark

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